The Battle of the Bulge

Not for the first time in my life, I find myself needing to lose weight. This time it’s different though. This time it is not because I am concerned by what others may be thinking of me; if that were the case it would be a complete disaster as I am faced with a record breaking bulge this time round. No – this time the matter of blood pressure enters the fray.

How could that happen to me? Oh hang on I am just shy of 47. And how did that happen? It honestly feels like I have slipped on something and I am now accelerating toward old age. Each year notching around more quickly than the last.

I am now 100 kg – at my best I was just 67 – almost unbelievably just four years back. To return to that weight I will have to lose about one third of my current body mass. Rather daunting – and unprecedented.

The procrastination has to end – tomorrow.


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