Category: General interest

…since August 2009. Where have I been all this time? A difficult question to answer. The answer may even resemble ‘nowhere special’.

In the mean time, it seems that it has become reasonably straight forward to customise this blog the way I like it. (It could be that I was just being dense and/or impatient last time round). So the red velvet chair has now made its d├ębut here on WordPress. I am still not certain if WordPress is superior to Blogger or not. Blogger has the advantage of being easily set up with Adsense. I think WordPress (.com, not .org) has some monetising options if you get to 25k or more daily views. Here’s hoping. Maybe my writing will be of interest to someone in the long run. One thing is for for sure: If I don’t actually bother to write a blog, no-one will be reading it.


Getting there…

So I have worked out the categories. Also I have worked out how to navigate the dashboard (I think).

I don’t yet know what impact the categories will have on the end effect, but we shall see. As for getting readers, I guess it is a question of getting the ball rolling. Now I just need to work out how to get that ball rolling.

I am making another post – this time just to try to understand what this wordpress world is all about. It seems that it has plenty of functions on offer, but I am, thus far, struggling to get to grips with all of them. I am not ready to dip in to the world of the relevant forums – I always like to be fully familiar before I do that, so as not to waste time, reading about something with which I am not yet fully familiar.