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The Battle of the Bulge

Not for the first time in my life, I find myself needing to lose weight. This time it’s different though. This time it is not because I am concerned by what others may be thinking of me; if that were the case it would be a complete disaster as I am faced with a record breaking bulge this time round. No – this time the matter of blood pressure enters the fray.

How could that happen to me? Oh hang on I am just shy of 47. And how did that happen? It honestly feels like I have slipped on something and I am now accelerating toward old age. Each year notching around more quickly than the last.

I am now 100 kg – at my best I was just 67 – almost unbelievably just four years back. To return to that weight I will have to lose about one third of my current body mass. Rather daunting – and unprecedented.

The procrastination has to end – tomorrow.


…since August 2009. Where have I been all this time? A difficult question to answer. The answer may even resemble ‘nowhere special’.

In the mean time, it seems that it has become reasonably straight forward to customise this blog the way I like it. (It could be that I was just being dense and/or impatient last time round). So the red velvet chair has now made its d├ębut here on WordPress. I am still not certain if WordPress is superior to Blogger or not. Blogger has the advantage of being easily set up with Adsense. I think WordPress (.com, not .org) has some monetising options if you get to 25k or more daily views. Here’s hoping. Maybe my writing will be of interest to someone in the long run. One thing is for for sure: If I don’t actually bother to write a blog, no-one will be reading it.


Well I have now made an attempt to customise this blog a little bit. I think that the customisation options are rather limited. I wanted to have my velvet chair image as a background to the entire blog as I do on other sites like youtube or twitter, but I can’t find a way to do it. I would even like to have a little avatar of my ugly mug, but it is apparently not to be. Could just be a learning curve though. Avatar is one of those words you just simply wouldn’t have heard fifteen or twenty years ago. TTFN.